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Hackettstown, N.J.

Double Ball Bearing KR2 4.2:1 geared 10mm, 3-5V "M" style motor.
Unit weighs 5 gr. w/out prop. Includes adaptor for GWS props.
Cat no... KR2BB ...$16.95

Temporarily out of stock

Double Ball Bearing KR2 no motor/prop.
Fit "M" style motors from various manufacturers to the assemled 4.2:1 gear reduction. Includes 2/56 screws, and GWS prop adaptor. Multiples of this item
will be bulk packed..
Cat no...KR2J...$8.95

Temporarily out of stock


Double Ball Bearing KR1 with standard low voltage or optional xtra low
voltage "N" motor installed.
7 gr. without prop. Mount props directly to the 42 tooth gear with supplied 2/56 screw. Comes with prop/spinner as shown.

P/N...KR1BB Temporarily out of stock.

N-20 motor 12 mm diameter
Low Voltage 2-4V............$1.00

M-20 motor
10 mm diameter
3-5V .........$2.50



KP00 Geared low voltage M unit with standard props and mounting hardware. 2.67:1 gears. P/N KPOOMG.......$12.95

Kenway 4.2:1 gears. Now features extended hub with pilot hole for prop screw.
Mount prop directly to 42 tooth gear with screw.
42 and 10 tooth gear set (One of each) P/N......42TN.....$1.50
10 tooth gear fits 1.0 mm shaft*.
Specify .046" or 1.5 mm bore for 42 tooth gear. .046 "fits tight on .047 music wire shaft.
Precision metric drill bits or blanks yield good shafting for the 1.5 mm gear.
Colors may be dark yellow or black.

*The 10 tooth gear with 1.5 mm bore is now only available as a special order item. Inquire re. price/delivery/min 1,000 pcs.