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Hackettstown, N.J.



Single cell LiPoly Charger by Mico Flier Radio for single 50 to 150 mAh Li-Poly cell.
Requires 4 AA batteries.
Will charge 45 and 90 mA Li-poly cells.

Same as above except for 10 - 20 -30 mAh Li-Poly cell.

No Photo

50 mAh NiCd Cells. New. Removed from equipment.
Some have one solder tab.

3.3 F Capacitor. Revive that old capacitor plane!

3 Cell 50 mA battery.


We do not have the male plug to match the receptacle on the battery. Looks like about 1.5 mm pin spacing.

Ground adjustable flight
timer and speed control by Micro Flier Radio.